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Marmaduke sais it all...

So I found this website and I must say, this shit is fucking brilliant.

There is nothing better than finding really witty, creative stuff like this on the internet.

Samples from the site:

Friday, December 01, 2006

Marmaduke is harassing a street person.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Marmaduke is being cock-blocked.


Marmaduke wants his owner-man to know that the TV needs to be fixed, and clearly doesn't give two shits if owner-man is otherwise engaged.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Marmaduke, who does not want to play fetch, reminds two young boys that he is a dangerous and amoral carnivore four times their size who is not to be condescended to.


Marmaduke's owner-lady's jealousy is utterly transparent.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Marmaduke and his owner-girl are looking at pornography. Put on the spot when her father walks in the room, Owner-Girl panics and offers up the least plausible explanation in the history of Being Caught Looking At Computer Porn By Your Dad while frantically closing browser windows.


Marmaduke and his owner-children decide to give con-artistry a try and attempt to scam several neighborhood ragamuffins out of some quarters, but Marmaduke's celebrity is called into question.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marmaduke is running so fast that his owner-man caught an updraft and is flailing in the air behind him like a kite. Kayla witnesses Owner-Man's plight and is quickly brought down a peg or two by Marmaduke's owner-girl, who finds it easier and more fulfilling to label people than to turn halfway around.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Marmaduke's plans for tonight are to eat lots of snacks and watch elephants fucking on TV.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Marmaduke is utilizing his gargantuan strength and uniquely canine disregard for local building codes to construct his owners a swimming pool. Also, Owner-Girl is developing into quite the braggart.


Seriously people, you must check this shit out. Mad props to this guy on creativity, originality, and pretty funny shit! Especially when he talks smack about owner-girl.





I was right...

So I was right in my January 19th post. I believe I was the first to post what would happen in Captain America #25.

Captain America was shot by Sharon Carter, Agent 13, after she was brainwashed by Dr. Faustus who was working for Red Skull in Captain America #25.

Captain America is dead... for now. Hopefully Bucky or the Punisher will take over his mantle while he is gone, which would be flawless.

All I have to say is, booyah! to anyone who didn't believe me.

It was a very good issue, with multiple narrators telling their side to the story, one being Sharon, one Bucky, and the other the Falcon, with a fourth at the beginning I believe to be Nick Fury.


Getting in the zone

I have officially run out of Fables and Y trades to read, so I decided to add DMZ to my growing pile of Vertigo graphic novels.

You see, my superhero comics come every Wednesday, but the more adult/non super hero types just read wayyy better in trade form, because the story isn't broken up and I don't have to wait as long between cliffhangers, etc.

The best way is to be a couple years behind on a series, so you can read 8 or 9 in a row, but alas, I decided to pick up DMZ, and let me tell you I am enjoying the ride.

It's a joyous romp through a broken and battered New York City, through the eyes of rookie journalist Matty Roth. Weaving through sniper fire and air raids, Roth is removing his rose colored glasses and finally witnessing the real world. He is also getting a crash course on war and its effect on innocent lives.

Children with missing limbs, dead bodies and building fragments, debris and blood crowding the streets, Matty goes behind the scenes and views what it is like to live in such tragic conditions, all through his camera.

The rest of America wants to paint the war torn city as if the only ones residing are the crazed militias and evil doers, but in fact there is a human side, one filled with pain and suffering, and it is Roth's job to expose the truth, one frame at a time.


Brian Wood has done an excellent job with instant character depth, graphic art, and a tone completely fitting the Vertigo label. DMZ eases comfortably next to the rest of the great adult comics of our time.


Woman not so Wonderful any more

Joss Whedon has announced that he will no longer be doing Wonder Woman. Ok, there goes the film right into the shitter. Anyone who would pass on Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman is a complete asshat.

This comes right after they bought the rights to some shit ass script about World War II. I want to see a modern Wonder Woman, not this shitty World War II shit from the tv show. It has been done, it doesn't need to be done again.

Either way the franchise is now ruined. Let's hope they can make it not completely horrible, but since there is no more Whedon flavor to the film, I am sure it will just be another Elektra... forgettable once the awful taste in your mouth subsides.


DC's next big event?

DC just released this image with the tag: "Let the battle cry be heard in the land, a shout of great destruction."

DC just released this image with the tag Which is a tag from the bible about the destruction of Babylon.

Notice Red Robin from Kingdom Come, Donna Troy as Wonder Girl, Elseworlds Batman, Green Arrow and Black Canary look peeved at each other, the Legion flight ring (maybe) next to Blue Beetle, and what looks to be the Atom above Blue Beetle.

Also all the characters that have been killed in the past year or so are seen here dead. And the Flash seems to be Barry Allen, not Bart (by the suit).

Hmmmmm..... is it the Multiverse? New Gods? Both? We shall see...

Phoenix rising?

The X-Event for 2007 starts this summer, and apparently many villains will return to the scene, including a Mr. Sinister.

Anyone wondering if it will also be the return of Jean Grey? After all they said she would not return on 06, and her return would definitely warrant a crossover, as well as Mr. Sinister to come out of hiding (if he doesn't have anything to do with it.)

Just my thoughts, we will see soon enough. But I can say that Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo are making X-men one of the best titles at Marvel, and who'da thought? With Captain America and Spiderman and Civil War taking everyone's attention, Carey snuck in and made the X-men not only readable again, but fucking awesome.

I can't wait.


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